of being a woman.

Not denying that men don’t have their own..
or that transgender individuals have independent struggles as well.

being a woman

having to decide at 29 whether
to take the birth control that numbs real life
deal with constant pain and pressure
and almost constant bleeding

to be told to
have a kid now, because your uterus is living on borrowed time.
do you want a kid?
right now?
do you know?
how could you not know?
most people…they know.

either way– you have to decide
right now
something that will change your life forever.

to be told you are not enough
by well meaning friends
who have it together just enough
to know what it should look like.

to carry all the weight and pressure
of looking good
being good
doing good

just because women can.

to know that
no matter what you do
it’s not enough.