We measure ourselves by comparison.
From Birth
and I hate that

Hate that we come into this world a blank slate to
be beautiful clothed in all the colors of the world
and we choose comparison

..”your baby weighs in the 15th percentile of all babies”

I get it. It’s a measure of health, its useful.

But then you are 5 years old in preschool and the teacher wonders why your child is unable to color between the lines where other children can.

In 5th grade most children have learned their multiplication tables by heart but your child still uses his fingers.

In high school other children are into sports, or theater cliques while your child sits under the stairs and draws things that make counselors wring their hands with worry.

Why are we always measured by what we aren’t?

What are you? Describe yourself in fantastically obscure words that could explain topography of a landscape or the majesty of ancient architecture.

What are you, as a whole complete being on your own?

What are you, as if no one else exists on this planet?