cirque de la nuit


May 2017


I have trouble with mornings.
Those first rays of sunlight that stream through the window pane are not friend to me.
I get a dull ache behind my eyes and a dry tiredness that stretches through my muscles and itches at my skin.

So my commitment during this challenge is to change up my morning routine. Not to rebel against my nature and make a morning person out of myself….but to start the day in a way that might make me entertain the possibility that mornings are not the devils work.

I turned on my meditation music, soft pastel tones overlay-ed with natural world sounds, a loon, a small wave, the smattering of raindrops in a forest…

And I sipped my coffee and focused on being present in the moment. Enjoying the view from my window peak above the fray.

It wasn’t great. but it was enough.


Intentionality (Day 1)

I accepted a challenge.

Via Intention Inspired

To motivate and inspire myself through a series of mindful tasks, completed over a 30 day period.

The first challenge, to imbue an object with my intentions for this challenge and put it somewhere I can see it everyday.

I picked my spoon ring. It’s the most valuable (to me) piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned, despite only costing me $15. It was a graduation gift to myself. And it symbolizes the triumph over obstacles. A natural choice to give me daily motivation, from around my ring finger.


What inspired me to take on this 30 day challenge, is the need for change. I can’t change my surroundings right now. In the past a big move always symbolized a new path to for me to chart. But adulthood brings a lot of stability with it, and unfortunately stability brings boredom for me. I needed this challenge to chart a new course, even when I’m standing still.

I have no idea how to make that make sense to anyone.

I’m going to find away to shake the wanderlust out of my hair, and dig my bare feet into the wet dirt right where I am. I am going to put some tentative roots down, and learn to grow my adventures from the hearth.

Michael Chabon

I tried in all sorts of ways not to fall in love with the writing of
Michael Chabon.

I failed so hard, it felt like a crash and burn.

I went into his book “Telegraph Avenue” anticipating his inability to write the mental voice of a black woman, or black child.

But he captured every voice so well, and wrote so eloquently in-eloquent that I fell madly in love with his style, his unique verb usage, and the quirky flow of his characters speech….it actually mirrors how people talk. (One of my main complaints of authors)

Suffice it to say, I couldn’t keep it to myself and had to proclaim– Chabon is a fantastic writer, if you haven’t consumed from his assortment of amazing reads…..

You need to.

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