Soups on
its simmering
Oven has been on
the pan of tomatoes is
almost overcooked
their ripe plump skins
splitting down the side
as the juices expand

no time to dice the mushrooms
its okay though
they shrink
turn bitesized when roasted
long enough

Whip together a creamy butter sauce
throw in quickly chopped garlic…
watch your fingers!

Put the first record on
skim the needle a bit on the surface
the screeech sends shivers
up your sweaty spine
sweaty because its hot
steamy hot
steamy because of the


soup needs to be turned down
its warming time
dash in some more wine
adds to the flavor

pour some
okay a lot
in a glass

sip as you stir.
did you forget anything?
nightlight in the bathroom
incense on the mantle
shelf dust pushed
to the corners and shadows

Try to relax before..

knock knock

there it is
the first door knock.

Dinner party begins.