Littered with cigarette butts
and muddy tracks

reeking of whiskey and
sensitive to the sunlight

Covered with bumps, bruises
and dry patches on your skin

dirt caked and fuzzy headed
muscles weak
heart tired

confused and dizzy
depressed and anxious

the constraints of who and what you should be
will bring you to your knees

society wants you to bow
to humble yourself in its shadow
and be #grateful for the #blessings
it bestows on you.
the warm drippings from its high table.

If you take it, you owe fealty

But isn’t the world bigger than that?
Haven’t you seen things that inspired you
in the broken glass on your bathroom floor
when you finally have had enough?

Haven’t you felt at home
in places that seem otherworldly?
An empty art gallery where your steps echo back to you,
validating your existence

Don’t stay down too long

And don’t kiss the blood-red ring
of tacit hierarchy

They don’t create your trends
and they can’t forgive your sins

There are too many wicked alleyways
that lead to ethereal destinations
even your corybantic imagination
can’t fathom.

Go ahead
break the tinted window
see for yourself
what’s inside