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The dangerous thing about monsters, is we picture them as these grotesque mutant looking beings shuffling over the earth.

But they are in us, they are us.

They are the people who commit atrocities, and those who stand idly by and watch it happen. They are the ones who would rather cling to hate then be swathed in love and understanding. They are the voices in and outside your head telling you bad things about yourself, that you aren’t enough.

Those are the monsters you should be fighting.



Intuition doesn’t lie to you. It has no reason to.





Rumi is by far my favorite writer. He is the original punk poet. He was honest, and at times brutal.

We all cling to our facades and hope they eventually become us. But remember–Cinderella didn’t ask for a Prince. All she wanted was a night off, a dress, and a sick pair of heels.





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