3 Days, 3 Quotes– Challenge Accepted


Thanks to Autistix for this great challenge!

I am in love with quotes, because I am in love with reading and the arrangement of words in my mind. Visit her challenge page (hyperlinked above) to participate!–


I am not very loud and boisterous, but when people ask me whats inside my head, they are often surprised at the fiery intensity that comes out. I think the meek shall inherit the earth because we are patient and quietly conniving enough to wait while others destroy themselves…


–Midsummer nights dream



I don’t have kids, and I may never. But I know if I had a little girl, when I make up fairy-tales to whisper to her at night, she’s going to want to be the fearsome dragon. She won’t be afraid to speak up and take the limelight, and to be a knight in shining armor for anyone who needs it.



And of course, enough said….I’m attracted to the burning, strange, wanderers who spend life adventuring, discovering, and chasing their curiosity. Not settling for the porridge placed in front of them.



I think my favorite part of this challenge will be naming all the blogs that I follow and read to keep my tenuous sanity—The following blogs I love to read for inspiration.

I nominate:

Zelda Reville








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