Most of my story ideas are just too long and complex

so I like to troll tumblr for inspiration.

It’s amazing what little visions people come up with unkowningly and drop them
like breadcrumbs
for people like me.

When you are a writer of stories, you have to bury that information under
layers of self.
Because when people find out, they are full of off the cuff ideas and tidbits,
they are
sure you can turn into a great novel.

What they don’t understand is,

you noticed the casual way they snubbed the server
and how the server rubbed her temples slowly
at her station in the back of the cafe.

(And I have a world weary worker bee, who spends her nights walking around the bare bones of her red dirt town)


you watched them nervously smooth the wrinkles in
their pencil skirt when someone complemented their appearance.

(There I have a wary introvert who has been abused in her past, and is trying to make good in the real world).

I could make a story out of the way J wakes up in the morning,
just having heard the even-ness of his breathing, and the small sigh
he heaves when pushing himself upright…..

So I troll Tumblr for short story ideas, that don’t require a character to be complete, to be understood.

I think I found a winner in the snippet I’ve posted above.

Stay tuned……