I was horrible at coloring.
I pissed my dad off to no end wandering outside the lines and coloring everything various weird shades that they shouldn’t be.
But then again I was a creative boundless child, so it wasn’t unexpected.

I’ve been that way since birth, just unbidden by structure and rules,
So a child’s personality can definitely get in the way of their diagnoses.

I was getting my physical for the ROTC at 18 years old when they told me I was color-blind ( Red-Blind/Protanopia).

All this time, they thought I was just unconventional, or really not understanding the concept of colors.
And I didn’t know any better. I still don’t.

I wonder how many things have passed through my life unlearned simply because I march to the beat of my own walking drum. A loud throbbing heartbeat that no one else can hear?

But even if I was the standard prototype of normal with my vision, and my alternative approach to life disappeared. I still have a feeling the sky would be evergreen, and the mountains bright red, the oceans might be orange on any given day.

I’m learning, ever so slowly that “know thyself” is a lifetime goal, and never a destination.




**for those who are curious as to what colorblindness is, or how it appears, visit the site-http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/– it has a neat simulator you can play with to understand what the various colorblind/impaired people see.