I dubbed myself Single Girl MacGyver
for a reason.

I starkly took on tasks
meant to be shared by couples
“Yes, dining in for one, please”

I eagerly sought out opportunities
to meet and mingle with new people
“are you here alone?”

And I dabbled in new experiences
with gumption
“This beer tastes like soap”

I gambled on adventures
to grow my soul
“where do I put the barf bag?”

I never knew why people liked to
burden themselves to another and
I prized my autonomy above all else

Even when I fell into dating
the man with changeling eyes.

I took him with me on my escapades
explaining the thrill was in the
absolute uncertainty.

So I wasn’t prepared to walk
hand in hand through the door
to his friends birthday party
and hear him say, “this is my girlfriend…”

I was even more unready for the way my
heart leaped joyfully to hear him say it….