via Photo Challenge: Morning


I am alive at night.
Midnight brings the tolls of
creativity and passion that lay dormant in daylight
for me.
I can stay up until the first
streaks of sunlight
burst past the horizon
without even a yawn

The moon accepts my shadowy soul
so how can i not fall
in love with
its cold blanket of stars…..

and oh how fond I am of stars

But this post is about the morning. And mornings are hard.
For me.
Light is too bright, I have to wear sunglasses
People are too loud and pitchy, I have to tune out
My stomach is too finicky, I can only sip creamy caramel colored coffee
and nibble at a banana.

My knees ache and it takes my toes awhile to uncurl.
the ringing in my ears from last night’s show
spent bouncing next to the stage amps
has not yet died down.

I hurry my way through most mornings
but I acknowledge them—
for without them
there would be no promise
of a new day.


and days inevitably
turn into night.