I came across this challenge via “A Sea of Illusions:- (https://zeldareville.wordpress.com/). A wonderful blog I’m enamored of at the moment!

For challenge details please look here:

But the gist is simple: Write poems encouraging, promoting, and illuminating peace!

“Please share your poetry and your platform to spread the word for Poets everywhere to unite in this effort we are calling, “Poets for Peace.”
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“….to the Elysian plain…where life is easiest for men”

-Homer,  “The Odyssey”

When the storm of life
flails too violently
against your cellar door,
and you cannot think
of a way to survive

When the desolate fields
of dying hope
and endless struggle
bring you to your
scarred and bruised knees

And when the wrath
of vile men
fills fields with the
blood, bone and bodies
of sacred human life

Know this.

They cannot put to final rest
the beauty of human spirit
There is no fixed place
on earth or above
for souls at peace to reside
It is everywhere

in the plaintive cry of the mud dove
and the soaring caw of the eagle

it is in each beating heart
where truth and love lie

It cannot be touched
It cannot be defeated

It need only  be felt

however fleeting.