You know what is truly Elusive?

Your life.
We spend so much of our time chasing it
and thinking we are living it

only to find ourselves in a little moment
a flutter of eyelashes
or shrug of a brow

and there it is.

You are sitting at a cafe with an old friend
talking about nothing
and thinking the same.
You laugh.
There it is.

a moment of life

We all know the birth of a child
the ringing of wedding bells
that magnificent trip to a place you’ve never been.

But don’t you know
when you collapsed in your now hated ex-boyfriends lap
that one night
in your tiny apartment
and he held you so carefully

or that time you got a temp job
after months of subsisting on ramen,
you celebrated with your roommate
eating taco bell and drinking PBR

and that time you got lost on the way to
that new bar
and found new friends and real smiles
over whiskey sours
and a too loud rock band.

When you got caught in the rain
I mean so absolutely drenched
that you were like a tea bag
being pulled from the cup.

When its so real it hurts

You can’t make it happen,
and you can’t catch it either.