Credit where it is due…I ran across this idea on pinterest, and it jived with me. But when I went back to find it and pin it, it was gone. So this is dedicated to the truly brilliant tumblr persona who dropped this idea on the world. I am only picking it up to run with it.

The crowd around Didymus was thick and agitated. People were mostly silent but the air was light with all the bated breath.

Bethany tried to elbow her way closer to the front, her skin slimed against the sweaty backs and forearms of the throng. No one seems to notice her, their pale eyes were fixated on the heavy wooden doors of the large black stone fortress. She stopped when she was close enough to the front to see the steps, but not be seen. “What is it?” She murmured to the freckled man next to her. His flaming red hair flowed down to his shoulders and flyaway strands clung to his damp cheeks. It was always uncomfortably hot in this place. “Why is everyone here?”

She was still not used to the barren place in which she now unexpectedly resided. Scorching days with dry heavy dirt patches and no greenery only gave way to balmy airless nights. But there were surprisingly many things to love about the place. Everyone was sincere, earnest, and authentic. This didn’t mean that everyone was nice, but ulterior motives were basically non-existent. And the trees that scratched through the dirt became large canopies bearing the sweetest of fruits. The food here was fantastic, but she had yet to learn where it came from. Her little bungalow had been fully stocked every night since she had arrived. Like little elves in the floor waited for her to close her eyes just to fill her larder.

Now that it came to it, she couldn’t recall how long she had been in this place at all.

The red haired man turned slightly towards her, and gave her a stern once-over. “Someone went Lazarus”

She looked at him, his irises seemed washed out, a pale liquid green gazed coolly back at her. “What do you mean?”

He smirked, “Someone came back to life, and left this place.” Bethany swallowed hard and tried not to let the panic on her face show. She knew she had been out of it, and a little inattentive for a while, but this was….”What do you mean, this place?”

The heavy doors on the stone platform began to open and the red haired gent turned away, “The Valley of Nekros”

Slowly, Bethany began to realize her truth.

She was dead.