This week in Things J Doesn’t Like….


Live music.

We are calmly discussing weekend plans and the possibility of going downtown to the live music Comfest.

To be fair it is a chore to get down town during this festival, and even more so to park.  The lines for mediocre beer are unbearably long, and the people themselves are even more so.  But the music is good and it’s a festival you have to see if you in any way appreciate music, people watching, and community pride.

Unsurprisingly, J is not a fan.

I am,  a little shocked to hear him say the dreaded words, “I don’t really like live music”.   -Because my mind snaps to the many live shows, and concerts of all sizes I’ve dragged him to in the year we have dated.

He’s not the type to bite the bullet and be a joiner for my sake (He’s much too brutally honest and self aware for that) so I have always assumed there is something he enjoys about the music shows.

Incredulously, I ask, “but what about all those shows you’ve gone to with me?  I mean I thought you just didn’t like it when my friends bands are playing…” (he is after all, a child of the 70s, who came of age in the 80s and legitimized the 90s his generation perfected the art of garage bands.)

His response, “no, I especially don’t like that.”

Which, as tedious as the long list seems some days,  the longer it grows, the more assured I am that he digs me. I’m all over the place loving and hating things at whim. And he steadfastly stands next to me,  possibly rolling his eyes,  as I figure out what he already knows.  And today that is; Live Bands kinda suck.