When someone you love
Becomes someone you once knew
A stranger knows all of your secrets

All of your worst insecurities
Packed their hand-me-down shit
And walked out your front door
Sheepishly .

They entered the world outside
Without your permission
And reveal themselves

You have lost control
Of a piece of your soul
And how its ekes out

That’s still not the worst of it.

Remaining behind is
the little asshole voice
inveigling you
to review every
blessed flaw and blemish

and poke large gaping holes
into spots
that are soft and weak.

You convince yourself
That he didn’t leave
That you made the right call
That the world will turn again

But night will fall and
The whispering hag inside your mind
Will awaken
To remind you of all that
Daylight bids you to forget.