The music just

shivers through me

melodic notes

sear themselves to my spine

and let little droplets of harmony

seep into my bloodstream.


I’m awash with feeling when I’m trapped inside a song. I’m a Purple Majesties girl through and through, and when I think of those peaks, against those beautiful baby blue sky eyes, I think of Bluegrass.

I think of the picking and slinging of notes, and the stretch of a fiddle saddled with the cry of acoustic guitar. The pleading in the voices straining to get out of a bluegrass song, it kills me.

Last night we sat on the porch of a bar, it was empty inside and they closed the garage doors, barring us from the A/C. We tipped up to the bar and chatted up the bar tender, making him smile. And we made ourway back to the porch, a cool breeze was starting to drift in, and my friend lit a cigarette.

She exhaled the smoke at the same rate that I sipped my wine from its stemless glass.

Classic rock and idle chatter.

She’s my Monongahela Hike, and my Hocking Hills Heart. She’s my partner in adventure and crime, the bad-idea-jeans joiner and I enjoy our hang time.

But mostly I enjoy the way music speaks to her soul, almost the same way it reads mine.