I want to tear you open
Make you bleed your truths
Let your stories run, coursing
Out your shredded veins

Finger the ligaments
Testing their strength
And understanding their resolve
Feel your passion through
The beating of your heart

Like a baseline… like
A motion,
a repetitive motion

Maybe the way your eyebrows
Twitch when you concentrate
Speaking of your heart
I want to lay with you

Head on your chest with
Legs intertwined
Just our skin touching, but
Our souls meeting
My fingertips tickling

Every inch of you
My lips doing the same
Caress the parts of you
That are bruised and broken until
They are just shadows of scars

Be still with you, listen
To the sound of your breath
In and out
To hear your thoughts and
Bleed your pain

To understand the depth of what you are
How each part of your puzzle
Came to be there and what
Pieces remain
How can I place them?
Would you let me?

Peel back your translucent
Seek out the bullet wound
With you
Because I understand

Her bullet was only the catalyst
Lodged in an already fragile
Mound, of muscle and bone
The decay around it isn’t permanent

You can regrow, rebuild
Stitch up the painful incision
Cauterize the wound.
Emerge from the ash
Whole and healed.