Act III is barely lit

It paces tirelessly in its cage
waiting for its spotlight moment on stage
to be teased, coaxed and then appeased
into action which leaves its hungry masses pleased

With gleaming eyes, and giant claws
it anticipates every action, each pause
batting all taunts with slow sure paws
awaiting the reveal of insecure flaws

At center stage it delights
in notoriety and attention
during the ceaseless battle
against the most famed affliction

It’s hungry to exploit, to tear into
any glint any hint, any spark of hesitation

It preys on the weak, and chips away at the bold
daring the sheep-lings to wander from the fold

“A lion tamer”- some may whisper.
But the whip holder is merely
second tier
upstaged by the roaring fearsome beast
known as fear